Employee Self-Service login

Complete Employee database

Set visible/restricted data

Search and filter on records


Employee records management all online

Stores all the important information about your employees, managers and teams. With Reio, employees can login to their own account and make updates to their profile in real time, allowing the database to always be-up-to-date.


Easy on-boarding and off boarding

Invite new employees in minutes

The onboarding wizard allows new employees to activate their accounts and start filling in their profile

Off board inactive employees

Employees can be offboarded quickly, and all information is kept inside Reio for reference as needed

Beautiful and intuitive interface

Finding information that you need becomes a breeze as you navigate a world of information through intuitively designed interfaces

Search faster

Database allows real time searching for employee records across a number of parameters from names, teams to hire date.

Navigate seamlessly

Switch between user profile from power administrator, manager to employee mode.

Set privacy across fields

Some information should be available to other employees and some information should only be shared with the HR Administrator. Reio picks field privacy settings for you.

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